Hidden benefits


Urban silhouette

golden sunrise with pink skies;

out walking the pup.


by Scooj


944. The Bearpit (82)

I am always struck by the work of Sirens. He seems to create stark images in which he contrasts the beauty of the world with utilitarianism. Rural versus urban. Or at least this is how his pieces come across to me.

Sirens, The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017
Sirens, The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017

In this one he gives us a gorgeous sunrise appearing over Aylesbury estate, where, reading from his Instagram feed, it would appear Sirens comes from. I keep bumping into Sirens when I go for my lunchtime walks. We always stop for a quick catch up, and every time it is a pleasure. He is unconventional in his approach to street art, and his work is all the better for it. I Love this piece.