3266. Dean Lane skate park (358)

Taboo has been busy again, this time with an uncharacteristically colourful piece in Dean Lane skate park. As with most Taboo pieces, this one is a graffiti writing and character combination and is certainly eye catching.

Taboo, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2020
Taboo, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2020

The letters are unruly as always, not following any strict code of script, rather they appear to be crafted on-the-hoof in an organic creative outpouring. The colours and fills are to be admired and the whole thing is really rather attractive.

Taboo, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2020
Taboo, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2020

Of course, the eye is drawn to the Popeye Character flipping open a tin of spinach, that rather surprisingly has spewed out a train, arcing over his head. What the f…? Whenever I look at pieces by Taboo, I am drawn into a deeply surreal place where anything is possible. This one is a classic.

To Dorchester


The engine drags us through

a rich and verdant land

lush from unusually heavy summer rains


The rhythm is punctuated by small stations

boasting tidy flowerbeds and once busy buildings

that slumber now as polluting cars

offer a more convenient means of travel


I am afforded the luxury of time to think

and to stare out of the window

where I see my life dashing by

each blade of grass a memory lost


Closer now to my destination than to my home

the journey has passed all too quickly

I should have liked a little more time, just a little,

to have lingered a while at each of the stops along the way.


by Scooj


* something of a rarity from me. Always a little nervous of sharing poems other than haikus or tankas.