2704. St Werburghs tunnel (134)

Pre postscript- sometimes you can get things so wrong, and try to read more into a piece than is going on. Everything below is my own speculation and assumptions going into overdrive. The word is XODUS and not FOIS. It was painted opposite Kleiner Shames and Subtle hence the recognition. I’m not sure who XODUS is, but I feel a bit stoopid. Never mind, I don’t expect anyone will read this nonsense anyway…

Aah, the genius of two brilliant artists conjuring up this amazing and highly unusual piece. It would seem that a Kleiner Shames visited Bristol over the Christmas period and hooked up with his old mate Subtle. The pair both produced pieces in the St Werburghs tunnel, and obviously had a bit of time left over to turn out this stunner.

Kleiner Shames and Subtle, St Werburghs, Bristol, January 2020
Kleiner Shames and Subtle, St Werburghs, Bristol, January 2020

Signed FoiSubtle, the collaboration presents with two distinct styles. My guess is that the letters FOIS are by Kleiner Shames, he always writes these letters but never quite like this, and the characters, a wolf holding a rabbit by the ears are by Subtle, in a bit of a departure from his writing. There is a message on the piece written backwards that says ‘one tin wonders’. I would think this refers to the two colours (plus black) that were used for the piece.

I cannot tell you how much I love this. It is quirky and retro, the characters look like early Disney creations. As I always say when Kleiner Shames comes to town, come back soon.

15. Leonard Lane (2)

Tucked away in Leonard Lane on a white plank of wood is this unusual piece of street art by Wolfskulljack. It would appear from her Facebook page that street art is a bit of a departure from her usual illustrations.

Wolfskulljack interestingly misspelled her name on the signature, which made me doubt its authenticity, but it is definitely hers.

Wolfskulljack, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015
Wolfskulljack, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015

This is the first time I have seen her street work and I suspect, given that she is an illustrator, that there won’t be too much more. She comes from Cheltenham and who knows, maybe if she does get a taste for street art, we’ll see more of it in Bristol.

A mysterious and beautifully detailed drawing