2800. Dean Lane skate park (288)

Well, here we have yet another fabulous piece from an artist that I have not seen before or featured on Natural Adventures, Nick Silav. I have looked at his Instagram feed and profile and it would seem that, like so many street artists, Nick Silav is a tattoo artist.

Nick Silav, Dean Lane, Bristol, February 2020
Nick Silav, Dean Lane, Bristol, February 2020

This piece was painted at the same time as the Dasco/Oseque collaboration just to the left of it and it would seem that they all know each other. It is an unusual and rather captivating piece combining some stylised writing and a character (possibly Yoda?). The writing is highly technical and cryptic and I’m not too sure what it spells out. A nice addition to the Bristol collective.

2653. High Street, Weston-super-Mare


Since acquiring a dog two years ago, I have managed to turn taking him for walks to my advantage, visiting street art hotspots in Bristol and beyond in the name of exercise duty. One such ‘walk’ was in the form of a day trip last summer that he and I took to Weston-super-Mare. Here he is photobombing a fabulous Yoda stencil by JPS. The dog actually only makes rare appearances on Natural Adventures despite being with me for most of my photography sessions.

JPS, High Street, Weston-super-Mare, August 2019
JPS, High Street, Weston-super-Mare, August 2019

Having just seen the final film of the Star Wars saga, it feels appropriate to post this piece at this time, and JPS has as you would expect turned out a masterful piece he has. The pictures are a bit bleached out, an artefact of me getting used to photo editor and not making a great job of it.

Incidentally, the dog pee on the Yoda was absolutely not the work of my animal, he has far too much respect for street artists.

2132. Leonard Lane (19)

I have a feeling that I may have walked past this piece once or twice before I actually found it. I first saw it on Instagram and noticed that it was in Bristol, but it was impossible to work out where, so I asked the photographer, and he said it was in Leonard Lane. Even then it was difficult to find as it is rather well camouflaged with its surroundings.

Cartoonneros, Leonard Lane, Bristol, April 2019
Cartoonneros, Leonard Lane, Bristol, April 2019

The stencil of Yoda is by Cartoonneros and I am guessing that he must have done it during the same visit he made when he sprayed the excellent Kurt Cobain stencil in Dean Lane skate park. This is a fine addition to the vibrant and ecclectic array of graffii and street art in Leonard Lane. Who doesn’t love a Star Wars stencil?

967. Upfest 2017 (27)

On an advertising hoarding in North Street, there is this wonderful Losthills wheatpaste of Jake the dog posing as Yoda. The placement and writing make this piece just about perfect. I have said it before, that the placement of paste ups plays a major part in the impact they can have, and this one drew the attention of passers by, where others did not.

I am not sure who introduced the writing, whether it was Losthills or somebody else, but it sets the whole thing off really well, given the subject matter of the advertisement.

Losthills absolutely ‘nailed it’ at this Year’s Upfest, and I am looking forward to sharing a whole bunch more of his work in the coming months. Bravo.