Laic217, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

712. The Bearpit (55)

It is funny how you can miss things. This is a piece in The Bearpit by Laic217 that he did a little while back, but which I hadn’t seen because it is on a different approach than the one I normally use.

Laic217, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017
Laic217, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

It is an interesting piece because it is overtly critical of stencil art. It is quite unusual to see this kind of commentary about artists by artists, but obviously it is something Laic 217 feels strongly about. On his Instagram feed he says he hates stencil graffiti, and when pressed says that in his opinion it is cheating and being lazy. Only free hand for Laic217. It is not a sentiment I necessarily agree with.

Laic217, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017
Laic217, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

The piece itself is a bit surreal and menacing…I guess that is the intention. Laic217 does like the use of skulls in his pieces and has a dark side to many of his pieces. It is possible that he is trying to be humorous in this piece, but I don’t think it quite makes the mark. Nonetheless, I like the artwork from this very busy artist.



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5 thoughts on “712. The Bearpit (55)”

  1. I think the stencil argument is similar to the one for autotuned singing in music; to some it’s a complete rubbish to the pursuit of music as an art form you create with instruments and talent, but others want to use all available means to create their art.

    the want of a pure form of graffiti comes from the respect to the early NYC subway writers of the late 70’s and 80’s who really spawned the culture as it is today. If you haven’t checked out the documentary Style Wars you definitely should, it’s essential viewing and easily found on YouTube (or Netflix even maybe) – that coupled with the side project book Subway Art by Henry Chalfant are really the Rosetta Stone(s) of graffiti, without a stencil in sight 😉

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    1. Thank you for the insight and references, I will check them out. For me as a viewer, rather than a practitioner, I like both forms, and wheat pastes too, I don’t treat them hierarchically, but appreciate them for what they are.


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