Door, 161 Essex Street, New York

Thursday doors

Door 24

Door, 161 Essex Street, New York
Door, 161 Essex Street, New York

When I took the picture of this door last October, I was simply capturing an interesting image of street art on a door, nothing more nothing less.

It turns out that there is a lot more to this door that I had thought, which I only found out about when researching for this post. The door is the entrance to Clayton Patterson’s gallery on 161 Essex Street on the lower East Side of NYC.

This is Portal number 7 of an interactive street art experience combining technology, art, urban space and community called ‘13 Portals‘. The project team have created an incredible ‘gamified’ experience that encourages participants to complete tasks and unlock the knowledge of the ancients. The door used to have a QR code in the white space at the bottom that linked up to the experience website.

I’m not sure when all this took place, possibly 2017, but it all looks rather complicated to me. I was just interested in the door.

The artwork itself appears to have ‘borrowed’ a little bit from the Terminator films and combines a skull with features relating to the number seven. This is what the website has to say about this door:

‘The number 7 is Saturn. It is death and transcendence. It is the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven western notes and the seven days of the week. 7. Seven is an exceptionally powerful number and also one of the biggest keys to the mystery. Each color, note or planet, represents a different perspective that we can seek to achieve awareness, clarity and enlightenment. It is the metaphor for the different races and the conflicts before they ultimately find harmony.’

So there you have it, perhaps we shouldn’t simply take things at face value, even a door.

by Scooj

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13 thoughts on “Thursday doors”

  1. Great street art indeed. Whenever I have to work that hard, go to multiple locations and scan QR codes, just to figure out what message the art is trying to convey, well, they lose me.
    Nice capture 🙂

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  2. This is mindblowing. 😮 (I shared it on Twitter. Only now I found you there. I shared an earlier post of yours too. I can see that you haven’t linked your blog to Twitter so that you’d get notified when someone shares your post there. I recommend you do!)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw the tweet, but the twitter username keeps reverting to my email address, even when I save it. I think there is a glitch. Thank you for helping with this. I’ll investigate further.

        Liked by 1 person

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