Sofly, Stokes Croft, Bristol, December 2017

1415. Stokes Croft, the Carriageworks (36)

I love this piece which has remained intact and unspoiled for such a very long time in Stokes Croft. It is beautifully well proportioned and the shading is first class – it is a crisp and fresh piece of writing that stands out from the mess around it. The artist is Sofly

Sofly, Stokes Croft, Bristol, December 2017
Sofly, Stokes Croft, Bristol, December 2017

On trying to find out a bit more about Sofly, I managed to find her website. It turns out Sophy Robson is a nail artist from London who appears to be at the top of her game, and as a sideline she runs graffiti workshops. How brilliant is that? I know she has visited Bristol on a few occasions, and I have another of her pieces from Dean Lane somewhere in my archives. I love this a lot.

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13 thoughts on “1415. Stokes Croft, the Carriageworks (36)”

  1. One piece was repeated in all the tunnels about not bombing Syria, and some weren’t very inspiring tbh but there was a lovely piece by a guy called ‘Miller’ who I had a chance to have a really nice chat whilst he was applying the finishes touches . . . and Georgie was there doing something a little different for her as it was a ‘Spanish’ tile themed piece which may have gotten her some work doing something similar in a soon to be opening restaurant . . .

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    1. I managed to get down this morning. The Tom Miller piece is amazing, and he is a really nice fellow, really modest and unassuming, he has that crazy artist manner about him too. The syria pieces were by Decay, there were some other nice pieces, especially the shoe by Mr Draws. All to be featured in a week or two.

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