Pekoe, M32 roundabout, Bristol, May 2018

1525. M32 roundabout J3 (85)

I originally had this piece down as ‘unknown’ artist, but managed to find out a bit from the signature ‘Pekoe’, which at first I thought was an unrelated tag. Pekoe is a Bristol-based artist originally from Wolverhampton, who describes herself as a self-employed illustrator and painter. In her linked-in profile she reveals:

I regularly paint walls around Bristol, usually with fellow crew members, as well as doodle constantly to keep honing my skills. I’m influenced by a wide range of artists, whether graffiti or modern, and also take inspiration from the worlds of pin up, tattoos, sneakers and hiphop.

Pekoe, M32 roundabout, Bristol, May 2018
Pekoe, M32 roundabout, Bristol, May 2018

It seems strange that she has only just entered my consciousness, but having found this, I have since found another and realise that one of my ‘Upfest unknowns’ is by her…both to follow soon.

Her interisting illustrative style really stands out from the crowd of burners and character pieces and feels like a spray sketch. It reminds me in style a little of Ant Carver who uses similar squiggle shadings in his portraits. Really looking forward to seeing more of her work about the place.


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