Soker, New Stadium Road, Bristol, August 2018

1677. New Stadium Road (7)

There seems to be no stopping Soker at the moment, it seems that everywhere I go in Bristol there is a new piece by him. What this means is that there will be several posts following this one in the near future featuring his work.

Soker, New Stadium Road, Bristol, August 2018
Soker, New Stadium Road, Bristol, August 2018

I rather like this one in the foot tunnel under the M32 spot, and for once my photographs aren’t too polluted with the awkward light conditions that seem to be omnipresent on this wall. I like the colours – blue and yellow/gold are always a strong combination, but what I really like about this piece is the kind of effortlessness it conveys, Soker just seems to be, like several of his ASK fellows, an artist at the top of his game.


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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “1677. New Stadium Road (7)”

  1. Just come back from Bristol… Took lots of pics of Upfest 2018 and found your site very informative and interesting when trying to identify artists and out more about them.
    One piece I’ve not been able to find any info’ on (when I got home and checked…no signature in pics I took)Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road. Pink Rhino piece (Plaster Creative parking bay) I understand the walls of the Parking spaces are repainted annually as part of an ongoing Project at the T.F. but also as part of Upfest event. Can you help? Thanks xx

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    1. Hi Laura, I am so pleased that my blog was able to shed some light for you. I’ll have to go through my pictures of the Raleigh Road pieces and get back to you…it is all on my desktop, and I am on my iPad at the moment. Watch this space.


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