Anna Higgie, We the Curious, Bristol, October 2018

1836. We the Curious

Most people in Bristol will know that the brilliant museum in Millennium Square, formerly known as @Bristol, changed its name to ‘We the Curious’ about a year ago, in a deliberate move to engage with people and inquisitive young minds. The museum and surrounding environment have always lent themselves to creative arts and the area is a showcase for science meets arts. Recently ‘We the Curious’ teamed up with the Cabot Institute to commission this beautiful work by Bristol illustrator and artist Anna Higgie.

Anna Higgie, We the Curious, Bristol, October 2018
Anna Higgie, We the Curious, Bristol, October 2018

This is a climate change mural (which immediately ticks my boxes) that on the face of it is a stylish portrait, but look a little closer and the picture comes alive with little stories about a changing climate and some of the causes. It is an unusual piece and one we should be proud of, if together with strong climate narratives it begins to engage people with the urgent need to do things differently in order to slow down CO2 emissions. I only know of one other work by the artist in Bristol and will have to post it soon.

One of the joys of the street art scene in Bristol is that it encompasses a spectrum of art from the safest commissions through to illegal graffiti writing and everything in between. Long live artistic expression and public access to art.


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4 thoughts on “1836. We the Curious”

  1. It’s a great idea to get the kids interested in the museum. πŸ™‚
    On a side note – my kids used to drag my husband and me to the CT museum every single school holiday! There was a special hands-on children’s area that they particularly liked. πŸ™‚

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