Sled One, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, January 2019

2018. Lower Ashley Road (2)

Sled One has absolutely smashed it with this extraordinarily brilliant piece of graffiti writing on the new hoardings at the bottom end of Lower Ashley Road. Sadly, the developers have already placed batten squares all over the hoardings in preparation for advertising posters (I guess). How sad that our world is dominated by consumerism and money. These boards were a creative outlet for Bristol street artists to share their art with fellow citizens. Instead, drivers will have to endure seedy adverts desperately thrusting lifestyle aspirations at us in an attempt to sell their grubby products to swell their shareholders wallets. Capitalism is driving everything towards the lowest common denominator of money. No wonder the world is in a mess.

Sled One, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, January 2019
Sled One, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, January 2019

Back to the art and the joy it can bring to our hearts. Sled One is one of the artists I rate most highly in Bristol and this piece (which spells out SLED) is a fine example of his work. He had to paint this in two sessions as he was ‘moved on’ I think when he was sketching it out. Thank goodness he had the perseverance to come back and finish it off. I hope the artists find a way of keeping these hoardings alive, but I fear it could be difficult.

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