Nevergiveup, Nova Scotia, Bristol, November 2019

2604. Nova Scotia (2)

I have said it before on Natural Adventures, that there are so many rewards to be had from changing what you do, the habits you get into, and recently I completely changed my lunchtime stroll to skirt around the harbourside area. I finally got round to seeing this family of rabbits by Nevergiveup which made the alteration to my usual stroll utterly worth it. I switched it up with great success.

Nevergiveup, Nova Scotia, Bristol, November 2019
Nevergiveup, Nova Scotia, Bristol, November 2019

I think that this might just be my favourite rabbit work by Nevergiveup. A near perfect grouping of magnificent colours and fortunately for me and the timing of the picture, looking fantastically Autumnal. There is some fine detail on these bunnies that indicates that he spent a little bit more time painting them perhaps than some of his other pieces. Somehow, for me, his brand #followmyrabbits culminates in this little cluster, it is just brilliant.

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10 thoughts on “2604. Nova Scotia (2)”

  1. There’s a little story that goes with this family of rabbits.
    He actually just painted the blue one first and was going to leave it at that but then one day thought he’d go back and paint the green one.
    That was definitely going to be it until he noticed someone had tagged inbetween the rabbits and so he decided to go over it with a couple of smaller rabbits making up the ‘family’ . . . 😉

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      1. Yeah definitely some of his best work although for some reason even though I have photos of all the stages of the family coming together I’ve never posted them
        Might have to spend some time trying to find all the relevant pix sometime soon . . .

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