Dasco and Apnea, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2019

2919. Dean Lane skate park (307)

When a large wall like this one at Dean Lane skate park is prepped along its full length, you know you are going to be in for a treat. This piece is a collaboration between Dasco and Apnea.

There are three basic types of collaboration. One is where two or more artists contribute to a single piece of work and it can be difficult to be sure which artist painted which bit; another is when two artists paint together at the same time, but their pieces are discrete. The third type of collaboration is amply demonstrated here where artists paint alongside each other, but the theme or colour scheme used join the pieces up in some way. There are other types of collaboration of course, but I’ll not go into those here.

Dasco, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2019
Dasco, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2019

On the left is a super piece of writing from Dasco, who in recent months has made his presence known in Bristol with a series of outstanding productions. His work is assured and clean and he changes his design and style with each new piece, where some artists such as Elvs or Slim Pickings tend to stick to a basic formula that they play with.

Apnea, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2019
Apnea, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2019

On the right of the wall is a piece from Apnea, and I have to confess that I know nothing about the artist and don’t recall seeing much of their work. I am guessing that Apnea may have bee a visitor who hooked up with Dasco for a while, but I could be quite wrong (I usually am). This too is a nice piece, although not quite as tight as Dasco’s.

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