Morph, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2020

3355. M32 Spot (95)

It is a very difficult job indeed to write about street art in Bristol at the moment, mainly because there is so much of it, and with only two posts a day on Natural Adventures I have to be selective. I try to represent the broad spectrum of street art in the city, from elaborate tags to high-end murals and everything in between. Unfortunately though so much stuff ends up on the ‘cutting room floor’ – Perhaps I’ll be able to mop that lot up when I retire and need to fill my days.

This piece is from Morph, an artist who has only recently crossed my radar, adding to the Bristol throng.

Morph, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2020
Morph, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2020

I really like this piece and it suits the column perfectly. The face resembles that of a monkey, although I’m not sure if that is the intention. A slightly edgy character, with a cigarette(?) in its mouth and shifty red eyes. I like what I see, and I think that there is some latent talent there with an understanding of shading, colours and tone. I really look forward to seeing more from Morph.

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