Moño, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020

3452. Brunel Way bridge (87)

My last post featured a piece by Pura Decadensia and in researching that piece I was able to hunt down the artist who painted this mysterious portrait under Brunel Way from a few months back. It is by Moño (she quite rightly stresses the ñ) and it was the first piece painted in Bristol by the Fuerteventurian artist.

Moño, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020
Moño, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020

I am staggered by how many Spanish artists we have in Bristol now and I’m not quite sure what we’d do without them. Moño swells their ranks and on the evidence of this piece is a superb addition to our city. I believe Moño is a tattoo artist, but this portrait has some lovely features, in particular the hair which is very nicely done indeed. This is an unusual piece, but really ticks all my boxes. I can’t wait to see more of her work.

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      1. Yeah two huge walls done by by so many super talented writers and artists is definitely cause for celebration. I know I felt good and rather honoured to gaze at them . . .

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