Lee Roy, Dean Lane, Bristol, February 2021

3516. Dean Lane skate park (396)

Not much lasts for long in the street art world, especially in Dean Lane, and the Acer One piece featured in the previous blog post was overpainted with this brash piece from Lee Roy, who has unleashed his energy and desire to cover Bristol in paint in recent weeks.

Lee Roy, Dean Lane, Bristol, February 2021
Lee Roy, Dean Lane, Bristol, February 2021

Although Lee Roy is an established writer in Bristol, I have only recently started to post his work, probably because it is impossible to ignore at the moment. His style is interesting, with irregular and unusually shaped letters, but his fills are very nice indeed, if a little understated in this piece. I love the touch ‘Need Photos’ in the top right corner – well here they are.

This wall has since been overpainted by Mudra yesterday, but he decided to keep the little ‘Need Photos’ message in there.

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