Gabriel Pitcher, St Werburgh's Park, Bristol, November 2021

4050. St Werburgh’s Park

Life is full of surprises, and for me some of the best surprises are new murals in town that have not been on my radar, and this outstanding new piece in St Werburgh’s Park, by Gabriel Pitcher, is definitely one of those great surprises to lift the spirits. This piece is part of an initiative called ‘Vanguard x TOward 2030, What are you doing?’, and there is a very good webpage from Street Art News that explains the event and showcases several artworks and artists around Bristol – more for me to seek out!

Gabriel Pitcher, St Werburgh's Park, Bristol, November 2021
Gabriel Pitcher, St Werburgh’s Park, Bristol, November 2021

I have borrowed some text from the Street Art News website to help explain some of the background to this Gabriel Pitcher piece:

Gabriel Pitcher has partnered with community ambassador, The Global Goals Centre to paint a mural in St Werburgh’s, Bristol celebrating Bristol 17 hero Katie Cross, founder of Pledgeball. 

Pledgeball harnesses the power of football and its fans to accelerate the pursuit of global sustainability. Through affiliated clubs, it prompts fans into small lifestyle ‘pledges’ in support of their favourite team and their only planet and empowers fans by demonstrating the huge impact even small changes can make for the benefit of themselves and their environment.”

Gabriel Pitcher, St Werburgh's Park, Bristol, November 2021
Gabriel Pitcher, St Werburgh’s Park, Bristol, November 2021

The piece itself is so natural. Subtle colours, tons of movement and a modesty that is a rare thing in large murals these days. It is so good to see this kind of people-engagement with the environment through art, something we could see a lot more of in the coming years, I hope. This is a fabulous and worthy (in the good sense) piece.

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One thought on “4050. St Werburgh’s Park”

  1. I was lucky enough to meet him whilst he was painting this piece and have popped back a couple of times but the light has been all wrong and so haven’t managed to get any usable photographs.
    you have reminded me I must try again soon now that we’re all having some grey weather.

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