Conrico, BB Gallery, Bristol, April 2022

4371. BB Gallery (1)

A serendipitous meeting with Paul H at Greenbank on my last visit there afforded him the opportunity to show me a spot I hadn’t been aware of before, and something a little different from the usual kind of graffiti/street art spots in Bristol. Greenbank is on the Bristol to Bath cycle path, and a short walk in the direction of Bath takes you to the Bristol to Bath gallery.

Conrico, BB Gallery, Bristol, April 2022
Conrico, BB Gallery, Bristol, April 2022

The gallery is a wall and fence, about twenty metres in length, which is festooned with pieces of art on paper, boards, canvass or in frames, all attached to the fence – a truly public gallery that anyone can contribute to. This particular section has been painted by Conrico, and would appear to have been quite a challenge to paint, given the different textures and materials. The scene is a very typically Conrico piece, with plenty of atmosphere and a style that looks more like paint brush strokes rather than spray can work. Some nice writing accompanies the portrait.

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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

12 thoughts on “4371. BB Gallery (1)”

      1. I spent a lot of the day in hospital waiting to get some heavy duty painkillers because my foot was hurting so much . . .
        Needless to say i will stake a healthy wager that your day was better than mine . . . 😉

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  1. We all go through tough times but this year has been pretty rubbish I have to say

    2 surgeries on my head
    broken foot in four places
    Instagram hacked and now deleted
    As well as still having to live, and work alone

    I think I need a holiday lol . . .

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    1. We seem to have had a series of shit years, for a variety of reasons. It began with the banking crisis. Selfish money grabbing people f*caked it up for the rest of us. That is the backdrop in which we have lived for more than a decade.

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      1. Yeah for sure

        On a national and indeed planetary level our sh1t is totally f*cked bit I was having a moment of feeling sorry for my own personal situation, luckily for both of us today is a different day despite my sh1t being exactly the same . . .

        I still believe I need a holiday . . .

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  2. That’s the thing about being single
    I can handle being alone in a place I know well but going abroad where I won’t speak the language by myself doesn’t really float my boat these days
    I have spent a year in France and Spain living by myself but that was when I was a youngster

    It also pisses me off that as a single person I have to pay extra for being single ffs . . .

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      1. The single person
        Supplement, paying double
        To spend time alone!

        I have to say it’s something that I’ve always viewed as being terribly unfair, and something that will often mean that those people who may be spending their lives alone are then priced out of a holiday as well . . .

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