Logoe, Frome Side, Bristol, May 2022

4467. Frome Side (13)

It would appear that Logoe has had another blitz in Bristol recently, hitting several walls over a very short period of time. These two pieces are from the Frome Side spot underneath the M32 between the two roundabouts. This is a place I don’t often visit, because it is too dangerous to go there with the dog, and I rarely photograph street art without him.

Logoe, Frome Side, Bristol, May 2022
Logoe, Frome Side, Bristol, May 2022

Both pieces follow Logoe’s modus operandi, which is to paint his thin script lettering on a colourful background and to decorate the whole thing with a horizontal array of oval spots of varying sizes. This is his thing and this is what he does. This red piece looks wonderful and is accompanied by the words: ‘Attitude legit cos I’m tearing up shit’ – which is a lyric from NWA’s Straight Outta Compton – something I’d have never found out without Google.

Logoe, Frome Side, Bristol, May 2022
Logoe, Frome Side, Bristol, May 2022

The second piece following the same formula although with chunkier writing and a duller mustard background is a tribute to the late Meatloaf, which is a rather nice gesture. The two pieces are about 20 yards apart, and I am guessing were painted in the same session. More to come from this latest whistle-stop tour by Logoe.

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