John D'oh, St Michael's Hill, Bristol, July 2022

4580. St Michael’s Hill (6)

I was tipped-off by John D’oh about this wonderful, small stencil in a little alleyway off St Michael’s Hill, and it is always nice to have that kind of trust and bond with an artist, and sit is something I really appreciate.

John D'oh, St Michael's Hill, Bristol, July 2022
John D’oh, St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, July 2022

The subject matter of the stencil is our national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, although he is actually so much more than a national treasure. Sir David Attenborough is an inspiration and hero to an entire generation, and his work, highlighting the wonder of biodiversity is an example and warning to national and world leaders, who should listen to what he has to say. I love the way that Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg have joined forces, creating a generational continuity campaigning on behalf of our beautiful planet.

The stencil is notable for being a contemporary image of the great man, showing him as the old man that he is, no sentimentality. Another great piece in which John D’oh has captured one of the most important champions for our planet, with an injection of humour in the words, mimicking a voice-over by the great man himself.

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