1669. Upfest 2018 (20)

I was looking for the Andrew Burns Colwill piece (to follow soon) which I knew was a little off the beaten track for Upfest 2018 and spotted this brilliant little stencil by John D’oh on the wall of The Black Cat pub on the corner of West Street and Westbourne Grove.

John D'oh, Upfest, Bristol, August 2018
John D’oh, Upfest, Bristol, August 2018

When I see small ‘hidden’ gems like this, I wonder how many Upfest visitors might have missed it in their quest for the ‘marquee’ artists – I don’t suppose it matters really, but as a street art hunter, I like to work hard for my trophies, it is what I do. This is a really accomplished little stencil and one that really chimes for me – a great little find – Thank you John D’oh.


1614. North Street

I have a feeling that this piece was stencilled by John D’oh during last year’s Upfest, but because it is on a shutter, I just haven’t seen it as I’m not usually in Bedminster outside normal working hours. For those not familiar with David Attenborough (is there anyone on this blue planet?) the phrase used by John D’oh is an affectionate ribbing of one of Attenborough’s much used phrases, spoken in whispered tones.

John D'oh, North Street, Bristol, July 2018
John D’oh, North Street, Bristol, July 2018

The stencil is very typical of John D’oh’s work, although in this instance devoid of politics. There is something a little unfortunate about the monkey in the top right glancing down at Attenborough – his face appears to be a graffiti cock and bals, which is what I hought it was the first time I saw it. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or not, but once pointed ut it is difficult not to see it (sorry). Nice work again from John D’oh.

1417. The Bearpit (129)

I recently found out, from reading an interview with John D’oh, that he tends to create these single layer political stencils for places like The Bearpit, where their lifespan may at times be only a day or two. His more complex multi-layered work is reserved for walls where longevity is more likely…an utterly understandable position.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, February 2018
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, February 2018

This piece is highly critical of Theresa May and the growing problem of homelessness and rough sleeping that is plaguing towns and cities across the UK. I really like the work he does and the way he uses his art to express political ideas. Much of his artwork tends to encourage ‘embellishment’ from passers by, and this one is no exception. The ‘cock and balls’ motif being put to good use.

Keep it going John D’oh.

1315. Leonard Lane (15)

Who doesn’t love Salvador Dali and especially a greyscale multi-layer stencil tucked away in a dark alleyway by John D’oh? OK, so a kind of rhetorical question designed to answer itself. This is a brilliant piece of work. A stencil artist, a surrealist and a cat…it doesn’t get much better.

John D'oh, Leonard Lane, Bristol, November 2017
John D’oh, Leonard Lane, Bristol, November 2017

In my view, John D’oh is a highly talented, prolific and perhaps slightly overlooked artist on the local scene. His pieces, small and large, simple and complex are almost taken for granted, but each is a little gem. It is so utterly worth stopping to look at and admire his work if you get a chance. I doff my cap in his general direction…wherever he is.

1242. The Bearpit (114)

I love this. Here we see John D’oh at his most hard-hitting, exposing two of the easiest targets on earth and keeping the debate alive. Never one to hide from political comment, he produces topical pieces with alarming speed, unlike me who seems to take an eternity to publish posts.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017

These single layer stencils are part of the furniture in The Bearpit and in other parts of Bristol, and John D’oh a permanent presence, reminding us to search our conscience and get fired up. So much more to come.

1223. The Bearpit (113)

Back in October 2017, John D’oh had a lot of fun spraying a whole load of stencils in The Bearpit. This was one that he seemed to be particularly fond of.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017

It would appear to be a homage to ‘Where the Wall’, a Bristol company that offers street art tours, wall curation and graffiti experiences. This would seem to be a genuine tribute, but with a history of cynicism towards and lampooning of the establishment, one can never be too sure with John D’oh.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017

As a group, these stencils take on quite a dynamic colourful feel and it is interesting to see how different they look on different backgrounds. John D’oh has been very busy this winter and long may it continue.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017

1211. The Bearpit (111)

I have said it before recently, that John D’oh has been busy stencilling this autumn/winter, with much of his work appearing in The Bearpit. He has also done some other highly satirical Banksy tributes in Cheltenham, but I haven’t yet seen them.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017

Always edgy and often political, John D’oh’s work, more than any other artist in Bristol is a target for tagging and dogging. He is clearly not held in the same regard as other artists, but that is the way for political artists…not everyone will agree with them. The Queen stencil has had the eyes sprayed red…which possibly enhances the menace of the piece.


I apologise for the quality of the images, which were rather compromised by the low light levels…I was on my way to do some Christmas shopping and the light was fading fast. I thought I’d include them anyway.