Shut the door on your way out


Elizabeth Truss

useless right-wing think tank stooge

you will not be missed


by Scooj

Interesting to note that in the Daily Star’s contest about who would last longer between a lettuce or Liz Truss, the lettuce won. A meme that will haunt her forever.

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8 thoughts on “Shut the door on your way out”

  1. And now they want the lying cheating dishonourable utterly disingenuous and totally corrupt Russian stooge back in charge, which I guess says more about the Tory party than I ever could . . .

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      1. Unfortunately I don’t share your optimism about the demise of the Conservative party, as there are in my opinion far too many people in this country lacking the ability to think critically and who are happy to believe the lies they have been drip fed on a daily basis by the papers and news outlets!

        I certainly hope that more people are slowly waking up to just how bad they are though and I obviously hope that you are right and I am wrong . . .


      1. That has always been the case but it feels like the great British public have given up the fight or at least had the fight knocked out of them after being abused for so many years by the Tories . . . :-/

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