Risco, New Stadium Road, Bristol, March 2023

5142. New Stadium Road (49)

Risco, New Stadium Road, Bristol, March 2023
Risco, New Stadium Road, Bristol, March 2023

Not so long ago, some nasty people set fire to a car under this small subway. Now it might be my age, but I just don’t understand why people do this kind of thing – life is hard enough without mindless idiots making things more unpleasant for everyone around them. In spite of this, almost phoenix-like, Risco, known for his epic work,  has crafted one of his skeletal pieces, using the sooty residue from the fire as his background.

Risco, New Stadium Road, Bristol, March 2023
Risco, New Stadium Road, Bristol, March 2023

The snake skeleton sits on top of a Claro_que_sssnoh piece and Haka piece, and gives them a second life after the fire. It is interesting to note that precious little tidy up has been done by Bristol City Council, apart from removal of the car, and it is the graffiti artists who have immediately moved in and brightened things up. You can be certain that a burnt out car and any damage caused in a more well-heeled area of Bristol would have been cleaned up immediately.

The paradox is that the Council are furiously buffing well known and much loved graffiti walls grey, in their war against ‘antisocial behaviour’, but they haven’t cleaned and painted the walls of this underpass which has been the site of far more serious anti-social behaviour, in my view. Double standards, appealing to the affluent and Pius communities in the City.

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