121. Soldeu, Andorra (3)

This is the last of three short blogs about graffiti/street art in Soldeu. I had a little time to kill on our last day before heading home, so I went for a short walk from the top to the bottom of the village. At the lower end I discovered this small work that was more complex than graffiti and appeared to be a an abstract mural. There is nothing else like it in the village.

Unknown artist, Soldeu, Andorra, February 2016
Unknown artist, Soldeu, Andorra, February 2016

I like that it has been sprayed on a rather utilitarian electricity building, to brighten it up a little.

On the coach journey to Barcelona Airport I was treated to hundreds of burners under road bridges and on industrial buildings. I will have to return for a weekend break.


120. Soldeu, Andorra (2)

I have taken a couple of detours on the way to and returning from the slopes this week. Here are two more scribbles, interestingly both of fish.

Fish graffiti, Soldeu, Andorra
Fish graffiti, Soldeu, Andorra

I have one more chance tomorrow morning to see if there is any more graffiti in Soldeu before we head home via Barcelona. On the subject of Barcelona, I am troubled that we won’t have time to stop over before our flight home. Barcelona will have to wait for another trip.

119. Soldeau, Andorra (1)

There is little in the way of street art that I have been able to find, so far, but there are one or two graffiti hotspots. What I find most interesting is that the handwriting style of the tags is quite distinct and different from the style you see in the UK.


All taggers unknown. Maybe some future talent here?