Half a metre


A billion, billion

snowflakes obscure mountain views

the best day ever.


by Scooj




City without cars

benefit of pitching snow

everything is calm.


by Scooj


  • Bristol rarely gets snow, so this event is noteworthy, it is also worth highlighting that Bristolians have their own word for ‘settling’ (of snow) which is ‘pitching’ so I have used it in this haiku. Walking to work was a pleasure this morning on two counts, firstly the sheer beauty of seeing the world through a different lens and secondly the almost complete absence of cars. It set me thinking how beautiful the world would be with fewer cars on the road, they are a convenient nuisance.

1493. Horfield skate park (3)

Who’d have thought with all this lovely dry weather we are having that it is ony a couple of months ago that Bristol had its second covering of snow. I took a little trip up the the skate park at Horfield Leisure Centre to pick my daughter up and while I was waiting (I was conveniently early) I took a quick look at the graffiti around the skate park. Usually the standard is not that great, and there is a lot of tagging, but I have noticed a slight upsurge in the quality recently…maybe the reduction in spots in central Bristol is pushing artists out a bit to places like this.

Oner, Horfield skate park, Bristol, March 2018
Oner, Horfield skate park, Bristol, March 2018

Anyhow, this is a nice simple burner from my new friend Oner, possibly the first pictures I have of his work. The shading looks a bit untidy, but if you take a closer look, there is actually a lot of detail in there and it is not a quick fill. The whole piece is nice and crisp (and even). I hope to track down a whole load more of his burners.