Haiku 3


Deathly cold darkness

adorns Autumn’s fallen leaves

with Winter’s halo


by Scooj

(originally posted in March 2015)

With huge apologies to those who have been with me on this journey for a while, this is the third time I have posted Haiku 3 but I haven’t yet been able to better it, and it speaks to me each year at this time.

1618. Leonard Lane (17)

Regular readers will know I don’t like to post pieces unless I know the artist, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. This really unusual piece in Leonard Lane is in a more traditional fine art style, but added to that it incorporates some leaves that have been sprayed with metallic paint which make up the subject’s headdress.

Unknown artist, Leonard Lane, Bristol, January 2018
Unknown artist, Leonard Lane, Bristol, January 2018

When I see pieces like this, I guess that they are by artists wanting to give some outdoor work a go. Leonard Lane is probably the perfect place for this on account of it being a quiet backwater full of graffiti and very few ‘enforcers’. An interesting piece.