2731. L Dub (10)

It might be a little bit of an over-statement, but judging from the amount of work by Dun Ssum in this particular spot he could arguably be crowned king of L Dub. Not only is there a lot of his work there, but it is all really creative and imaginative.

Dun Sum, L Dub, Bristol, January 2020
Dun Sum, L Dub, Bristol, January 2020

In this piece we see a beautifully painted magpie collecting gadgets that look like the old Sony Walkman (remember those) but might be something different altogether. Dun Sum usually tries to conceal his name into his pieces and in this case he has woven it into the lower part of the bird’s nest. A fine piece on a large wall at L Dub.

Seven for a secret



a huge mischief of magpies

fills the sky above.


* On seeing the largest group of magpies I have ever seen, I counted at least 25.