2185. Hanbury Street, London (2)

I am often caught in two minds about the ‘high-end’ street art that is much more common in London than in Bristol, because it can appear to forget where its roots are sometimes. This is a fairly weak observation, because actually I pretty much love the entire street/graffiti art spectrum, but what I particularly love about Dale Grimshaw’s work is that for me it bridges the gap between the street and the posh stuff so very well.

Dale Grimshaw, Hanbury Street, London, April 2019
Dale Grimshaw, Hanbury Street, London, April 2019

This amazing piece is typical of Dale Grimshaw’s work and was painted a day or two before I took this picture, so I tyhink I got really lucky. Here’s what he had to say abou it on Instagram:

Latest wall piece in London. Imagery from PNG but highlighting the occupation & atrocities in West Papua by Indonesia.

A man with a message and exceptional talent.