17. Birthday

The digitisation of my 1988 Falkland Islands journal continues…

Wednesday 27 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Rudely woken at 1pm – it was the fishery patrol ‘Falklands Right’ calling. (At that time the Falkland Islands fisheries directorate had two fisheries patrol vessels, the ‘Desire’ and the ‘Right’, named after the Island’s motto ‘Desire the Right’) They had come to deliver my books (which I notice are already stamped with Falklands Fisheries Directorate! – don’t they trust me or something?)

It was good to speak English and see European faces, even for a fleeting moment. It is also the first time I have seen the ‘Right’. I wish I had taken some photographs. I spoke to ‘John’ on the radio and asked if it was the same ‘John’ as I had spoken to before, and then at last he helped me put two and two together. It was John Clarke all the time – silly me.

The books are pretty good, but either too simple or too complex. When I am in England I will buy the Kanji book, it looks fascinating.

Learning Japanese
Learning Japanese

The newspapers from home are a right mixed bunch, some weeks or months old, others pretty recent. It is nice to have them though.

I had forgotten about page three girls…hideous!

Thursday 28 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

It is now the 28th. I cannot believe how time is flying out here. I don’t seem to be able to write my diary quickly enough. I have just had the best sleep since I arrived on the KM30. Nine uninterrupted hours – few dreams, no nightmares, just restful sleep. Before going to sleep I radioed Port Stanley and spoke to John B. I am so bloody clumsy on the radio it is pathetic. I tried to indicate that Jim and I would like to coordinate being in Port Stanley together – I felt such a sword (dick) asking him about the possibilities. The point (which I know well) is to have as few observers in town at the same time. But that doesn’t stop it from being a lonely job.

I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him about accommodation – that would be really pushy – but I really don’t want to go back to the Malvina Guest House.

Abe radar is a good bloke – I was embarrassed to wake him up for the radio call. He always gives me a beer (and cheese this time) and a couple of cans for my fridge. I am always humbled because they give me things all the time, but I am unable to give them anything back.

Watched the sunrise, but that is tomorrow…

Friday 29 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Squid jigger at sunrise, 29 April 1988
Squid jigger at sunrise, 29 April 1988

Saw the sunrise. It was beautiful – I took some photographs just befort the sun broke the horizon. I was quite moved.

Another bit of Falkland news, This is becoming a bit of a FI scrapbook, but that’s OK.

Newspaper article about a Falklander who discovered Greek treasure.
Newspaper article about a Falklander who discovered Greek treasure.

It is a beautiful day, the sky is really blue and the sun is shining – I only wish I didn’t have to go to sleep now.

I woke up, once again, having had a lovely sleep – it will be murder getting back into a daytime routine again. I am almost exactly opposite a normal sleeping regime!

Watched some more Japanese TV. Their quiz shows are terrible – money this, money that. one of the quiz games is called ‘how much’ – you have to guess what a certain item in a short film clip costs in the currency of the nationality shown in the film. Stupid or what? Japan is the ultimate consumer society. Completely bonkers.

Saturday 30 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Celebrating Deb's birthday
Celebrating Deb’s birthday

Deborah’s Birthday! Nothing else matters about today. It is 03:00 here and in the UK it is 08:00 and Deb will be up and probably having breakfast (or perhaps having an indulgent lie in). I am thinking of her very much and hope that Karen sent the flowers I asked her to. Deb will be touched if she gets them, I know.

23 today. She makes me feel old.

Birthday doodle
Birthday doodle

Correction, one other thing matters today and that is the welfare of Arsenal. I hope they won…come on you reds!

I have become a sleep zombie. I had about 7 hours of sleep today, got up, had a rather yucky breakfast and then slept for 2-3 more hours. Bonkers.

Sleeping at the wrong times is just as painful as it is, say, when you sleep in the day – real ‘boiled egg’. (Boiled egg is a family expression for feeling lousy on account of getting up too early, for example to catch an early holiday flight).

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  1. This was the first one of your FI journals I encountered. Went back to look at the first one to just get a context. Love journals like this, resurrected from the past. Your writing had such the “journal voice” – awesome.

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