2929. St Mark’s Avenue (7)

I bring you the second piece from a little cluster of pictures I took in September last year from a visit to the exceptional St Mark’s Lane in Easton. This magnificent collaboration is from RichT and 45RPM.

RichT and 45RPM, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
RichT and 45RPM, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

The large wall is not unlike their tour de force which adorned the nightclub in Frogmore Street a while back, in terms of its style. This is a true collaboration where it is difficult to unpick who painted which elements of the work.

RichT and 45RPM, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
RichT and 45RPM, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

There is a magnificent story going on in this marine scene, both above and below the surface of the water, depicted in two different colour schemes. The underwater part is frenetic with a dangerous combination of large scary fish and high explosives. WTF?.

RichT and 45RPM, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
RichT and 45RPM, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

This is an extraordinary collaboration and probably doesn’t get seen as much as it deserves to. The narrowness of the lane makes it really tricky to photograph and I have tried my best with these pictures. This is so utterly worth the trip to Easton simply to soak in the detail of the scene. A stunner.

Richt and 45RPM, Frogmore Street, Bristol, November 2015
Richt and 45RPM, Frogmore Street, Bristol, November 2015

331. Armada Place (5)

Well I said that Aspire had done a fish, and here it is in all its splendour. I like his work, all of it, and as a marine biologist I have to say I particularly like this one. I must confess I am not too sure what kind of fish it is, but I am not too bothered. It is a fish.

Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, July 2016
Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, July 2016

I would like to see more fish from Aspire, but perhaps not if it is at the expense of his birds which are truly spectacular – I still have a backlog of his birds to write about!

Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, July 2016
Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, July 2016

I noticed in the Upfest map that he will be at the festival this year. I will try to catch up with him if I can. Audubon in New York awaits.

21. Land at last

The Falkland journal continues…

Wednesday 11 May 1988, Koei Maru 30/Falkland Desire

Well I’m angry and upset. I still haven’t been picked up. I bet I end up staying at least another week. I think I’ll go bananas soon. I am getting pissed off. If I come back with the Koei Maru 30 on the 25th, I’ll have spent 6 weeks on this bathtub. What a nightmare. I want to go back to Port Stanley and I don’t want any fuss. Balls.

And as the philosophy goes – everything always works out in the end (unless you die, and if you die it doesn’t matter anyway).

I was woken by the Sencho (Captain in Japanese) at about 3pm…”Fishery Patrol”. This was good news. the Desire (a patrol ship called the Falkland Desire) had come to collect me. I spoke with them and packed quickly. In the process I forgot my chocolate cake, my casettes, my loligo and my films. What a bloody pain in the arse, but small prices to pay for freedom.

What really pisses me off though is that had I not called KSJ (the Japanese fishing company) to query my pick up date and time, I would never have been rescued. Some bloody organisation this is.

Anyway, I am on the Desire and had a wonderful mixed grill and trifle for supper, followed by a Bond movie.

I am happy.

Thursday 12 May 1988, Falkland Desire

Having slept pretty well from 8pm to 1.30am, I am now wide awake, and there is no chance of me going back to sleep, so it is letters and diary time.

My cabin on the Falkland Desire
My cabin on the Falkland Desire

The crew (apart from one or two exceptions) are almost entirely fat. Too many fried meals and not enough exercise.

Picked up Elizabeth. (Another scientist on a different vessel)

Got well tanked up in the evening. Home tomorrow.

Friday 13 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

Friday 13th – what a day to come to port! We came into Port William by 9.30am and went to Port Stanley. Jim is resigning! This is terrible news. He’ll be going at the end of this month. My only ally in this adversity. I will feel very alone once he has gone.

A plethora of letters. It’s nice – it makes all my letter writing worth it. I actually feel a bit of a plonker because I get so much more mail than anyone else. Sorry to find out that granny is so unwell – if I were a believer I would pray for her – I know that she is safe in her own faith though. It is grandpa I also worry about.

Met Phil at last and am sharing a room in ‘Emma’s’ with him – we all got well pissed in The Globe and in John’s house. The Suntory whiskey was worth opening.

I got home and read the remainder of my letters. I cried unashamedly at granny’s letter – I don’t think she’ll last much longer.


It is nice to be clean shaven after so long with my beard.

Saturday 14 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

A day of indecision, I wandered around Stanley and found Jim at Fishops (Fisheries Operations). Went to the Upland Goose for lunch with Jim, Anna and Sean.

Hulks at the Eastern end of Port Stanley
Hulks at the Eastern end of Port Stanley

Nothing to do, but it is quite nice.

Ended up watching Mona Lisa at Goodwyn’s and supping Tim’s Whiskey. Then went on to The Globe for a few minutes before trundling off to the Town Hall to see the C.S.E show (Combined Services Entertainment – The islanders benefitted from the shows that came to entertain the troops at Mount Pleasant air base).

It was terrible – naf, but in a corny way, quite fun.

  • a compere who kept saying “no”, like they do when they tell jokes and laughing through his teeth ‘sheee’
  • a dancing troop called Sassie? terrible dancers
  • a corny magician, old tricks
  • a dreadful female singer
  • a band

They tried hard and I appreciated their effort and anyway, it was something to do.

Met a Korean man called JK. Great bloke and long-line skipper for twenty years.

Got pissed in The Rose and back at Tim’s. Watched a video.

Liverpool lost the FA Cup final to Wimbledon. Yahoo.

old news…AFC lost to Luton 3-2. I am desperate.

20. Frustration

To those reading this category (Falkland Journal, 1988) for the first time, I urge you to read my first ever post – ‘An Ill Wind‘ to provide context for this post, which is the 20th extract from my 1988 journal.


Saturday 7 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

I am guilty of neglect. I seem to either write letters or my diary, one usually at the expense of the other. It is late Saturday now, I have just had my breakfast. I keep having bonkers dreams, I am plagued with them.

I wrote to the Myers and to Deb and Alex.

I hope so much that Arsenal won last night, yesterday, today I mean. I must be one of their remotest supporters, I may try to join the fan club.

When I think of the only club in London, I think of Gavin and Sean and how lucky they are that they will see the Littlewoods Cup final! Sean will actually be there, lucky pig.

Time goes by. Soon it will be Sunday and soon I will get picked up by the patrol ship. Yahoo!

I took a whole bunch of really boring sunrise shots and tried to photograph a number of birds. It will be a very dull film I think.

Sunrise in the South Atlantic, 7 May 1988

Sunday 8 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

I am on to my next 10 Japanese letters! recap on:    a  i  u  e  o


The next bunch are    Sa, Shi, Su, Se, So; Za, Ji, Zu, Ze, Zo


Why is it so bloody difficult?

Wrote a long letter to Mum and Ad, I sent another £15 for developing films.

Monday 9 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

At last I wrote to Clive, but it is very late of me to reply.

I am very bored. Tonight we’ve caught nothing, I have been unable to work. It is pitiful.I am being paid to fritter my time away. Possibly the worst aspect is that during these bad catches I smoke maybe two cigarettes. I must stop before it becomes a habit.

I am sitting listening to my African tape. I must go to Africa – I hear it calling. I am desperate to go there. I want to work in Africa.



How could I have dared neglect to put in the article about Uderzo? What a terrible blunder.


Jim was on the radio this time, it was good to talk to him. He enjoys a good chat as opposed to a quick talk! It is good.

It looks like I may be marooned for a few more days! The patrol ship had to arrest a Korean ship and returned to Port Stanley without little old me. It is possible she’ll steam out over the next couple of days to collect me – who knows? Slightly depressing.

It seems as though Jim wants to come to Montevideo – I hope it can be arranged, it would be good to have some company.

Tuesday 10 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

Another five katakana I think.


What a terrible day – nothing, absolutely nothing to do. I think I’ll cry if I don’t get picked up soon. Only my South American music is keeping me sane at the moment, or is it the fact that I’m listening to it at all an indication of my insanity? Some would think so.

Wrote a letter to R&C, a bit short and feeble, but I’m running out of things to tell people.

My room stinks! I think it is because I spend so much time in it. It is stale and nasty, but what can I do?

Well, I’m angry and upset, but that is tomorrow.



17. Birthday

The digitisation of my 1988 Falkland Islands journal continues…

Wednesday 27 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Rudely woken at 1pm – it was the fishery patrol ‘Falklands Right’ calling. (At that time the Falkland Islands fisheries directorate had two fisheries patrol vessels, the ‘Desire’ and the ‘Right’, named after the Island’s motto ‘Desire the Right’) They had come to deliver my books (which I notice are already stamped with Falklands Fisheries Directorate! – don’t they trust me or something?)

It was good to speak English and see European faces, even for a fleeting moment. It is also the first time I have seen the ‘Right’. I wish I had taken some photographs. I spoke to ‘John’ on the radio and asked if it was the same ‘John’ as I had spoken to before, and then at last he helped me put two and two together. It was John Clarke all the time – silly me.

The books are pretty good, but either too simple or too complex. When I am in England I will buy the Kanji book, it looks fascinating.

Learning Japanese
Learning Japanese

The newspapers from home are a right mixed bunch, some weeks or months old, others pretty recent. It is nice to have them though.

I had forgotten about page three girls…hideous!

Thursday 28 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

It is now the 28th. I cannot believe how time is flying out here. I don’t seem to be able to write my diary quickly enough. I have just had the best sleep since I arrived on the KM30. Nine uninterrupted hours – few dreams, no nightmares, just restful sleep. Before going to sleep I radioed Port Stanley and spoke to John B. I am so bloody clumsy on the radio it is pathetic. I tried to indicate that Jim and I would like to coordinate being in Port Stanley together – I felt such a sword (dick) asking him about the possibilities. The point (which I know well) is to have as few observers in town at the same time. But that doesn’t stop it from being a lonely job.

I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him about accommodation – that would be really pushy – but I really don’t want to go back to the Malvina Guest House.

Abe radar is a good bloke – I was embarrassed to wake him up for the radio call. He always gives me a beer (and cheese this time) and a couple of cans for my fridge. I am always humbled because they give me things all the time, but I am unable to give them anything back.

Watched the sunrise, but that is tomorrow…

Friday 29 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Squid jigger at sunrise, 29 April 1988
Squid jigger at sunrise, 29 April 1988

Saw the sunrise. It was beautiful – I took some photographs just befort the sun broke the horizon. I was quite moved.

Another bit of Falkland news, This is becoming a bit of a FI scrapbook, but that’s OK.

Newspaper article about a Falklander who discovered Greek treasure.
Newspaper article about a Falklander who discovered Greek treasure.

It is a beautiful day, the sky is really blue and the sun is shining – I only wish I didn’t have to go to sleep now.

I woke up, once again, having had a lovely sleep – it will be murder getting back into a daytime routine again. I am almost exactly opposite a normal sleeping regime!

Watched some more Japanese TV. Their quiz shows are terrible – money this, money that. one of the quiz games is called ‘how much’ – you have to guess what a certain item in a short film clip costs in the currency of the nationality shown in the film. Stupid or what? Japan is the ultimate consumer society. Completely bonkers.

Saturday 30 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Celebrating Deb's birthday
Celebrating Deb’s birthday

Deborah’s Birthday! Nothing else matters about today. It is 03:00 here and in the UK it is 08:00 and Deb will be up and probably having breakfast (or perhaps having an indulgent lie in). I am thinking of her very much and hope that Karen sent the flowers I asked her to. Deb will be touched if she gets them, I know.

23 today. She makes me feel old.

Birthday doodle
Birthday doodle

Correction, one other thing matters today and that is the welfare of Arsenal. I hope they won…come on you reds!

I have become a sleep zombie. I had about 7 hours of sleep today, got up, had a rather yucky breakfast and then slept for 2-3 more hours. Bonkers.

Sleeping at the wrong times is just as painful as it is, say, when you sleep in the day – real ‘boiled egg’. (Boiled egg is a family expression for feeling lousy on account of getting up too early, for example to catch an early holiday flight).

14. Pissed off

My 1988 Falkland Island journal continues…

Sunday 17 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

Getting pretty pissed off out here – the weather is non-descript, overcast. I am in permaslumber and can’t break out. My cabin is too hot, probably causing my drowsiness, the work is bloody boring and most other activities send me to sleep.

A letter to the TLS (click to read)
A letter to the TLS (click to read)

I found an interesting letter in the TLS. I wonder if Ad had tactfully neglected to send the issue with the original article in it – I will have to ask him.

I have seen two more birds, one yesterday and one today:

a little grey and white bird, round and small, ‘flying’ underwater. I’ve seen it on the wall chart, but don’t remember the name;

a tern-like bird, very white with a grey cap and light grey wing uppers. A sleek bird with a forked tail.

Monday 18 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

I damn well slept again from 24:00 until 02:00. It is driving me bonkers. I shouldn’t need an ‘afternoon’ kip after having some ten hours or more night’s sleep. What is happening to me?

Walked into the bridge to find the Fishing Master in his underpants and vest. This is the first time this has happened. It is impossible to know what to do. I cannot ignore him (which I do), because it is so obvious. I cannot leave, because I have work to do.

I slept from 06:30 to 12:30, ready to eat steak, but I have just found the Fishing Master in the kitchen and I think he is eating my food. Revenge is sweet.

Falkland Island 1988 29p stamp
Falkland Island 1988 29p stamp

I managed to get a steak in the end. Wrote to Nick B and to Deb.

I have bumped my head countless times today. It’s a bastard, I’ve got lumps on my head now. It seems to happen as I pass through doorways.

Tuesday 19 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

I hate to admit it, but I wrote nothing today…little happens.

The young 20 year old crew member is sick.

Wednesday 20 April 1988, Koei Maru 30

I think this trip will go faster than the last, especially since I know that it is the last voyage for squid.

I also know that the KM30 will call in at Port Stanley on the 15th to tranship squid with the last KSJ reefer before setting out for a further 10 days.

Monitoring and recording squid, 1988
Monitoring and recording squid, 1988

I set a good quiz for Gavin, which I enjoyed doing, but at this moment, 05:00 I am very pissed off indeed – I don’t know why, I suppose there are many reasons. One which occurs to me immediately is that squid are horrible. I hate bloody squid…I’m even beginning to hate the taste of it. This is a shitty job anyway – yeah, great, so I’ll have a few anecdotes to bore my friends with, but basically it’s shitty. Who else would do this kind of work, that had spent 4 years at university? nobody.