Hire, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

772. The Bearpit (67)

Tuesday 2 May was something of a special day. I took a lunchtime walk to Dean Lane, and was lucky enough to come across an artist spraying a large buck-toothed bunny. This was a significant moment, because I have taken several pictures of this bunny about the place, but never posted it because I didn’t know who it was by.

This was my chance – I asked if he minded if I took a picture and I had a chat with him. Turns out he is Hire (pronounced ‘he ray’) and comes from Poland and sometimes paints with Laic217 (who he told me is also Polish). So now the piece I recently posted by the pair of them makes more sense.

Hire, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017
Hire, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

So here is a toothy bunny from a little while ago from The Bearpit, and guess what…it is by Hire. You would not believe how many google searches I have done for street art bunnies/rabbits/graffiti/buck-teeth/scary and so on. Nothing, not a dicky bird. Anyhow it doesn’t matter anymore.

Hire, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017
Hire, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2017

Feast your eyes on this bunny and enjoy. There will be more dredged from the archives soon.


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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my profile...to this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “772. The Bearpit (67)”

  1. Stephen, interesting post, Thank you. Silly question where in bristol is the Bearpit. I am trying to get a better idea of thge impact this art makes. Nigel

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    1. It is the middle of the large roundabout outside the Broadmead department stores, which joins the M32 with the centre and the bus station and the a38 north. It is a sunken island, full of skateboarders, homeless people, shoppers, Bohemian types, occasional police, evangelists and street artists…an urban mix.

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