3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018

1299. Dean Lane skate park (108)

What a lucky bunch we are in Bristol to have so so many talented street artists walking among us. This is a magnificent collaboration by two Bristol old-timers (I don’t think they’d like me to call them that…probably, but it is more a mark of respect). The gorilla is by 3Dom and the writing by Epok.

3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018
3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018

The gorilla is so unusual, I don’t think I have seen something by 3Dom like this before, and I’m not sure I would have known it was by him were it not for Instagram. I am fascinated by the chain and the gold medallion with the letters ASK on it. It is as fine a piece of craftsmanship as I have seen, so beautifully done and right out of the Cheo book of chains.

3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018
3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018

The Epok writing is equally impressive, and again a little different from the usual angular and geometric pieces I am used to seeing, this is a little softer and so beautiful, a masterful piece.

3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018
3Dom and Epok, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2018

The two pieces coming together in such stark contrast are one of many tributes to the extraordinary Acid Collapse (Treze)who lost his fight against cancer very recently. I posted a piece by Acid Collapse in 2016, and I consider it to be one of the finest pieces I have ever seen. A huge loss.

On his final Instagram post his wife wrote this touching note. So very sad:


  • I’m carol/ zurik . I’m treze’s wife and he wanted to upload this last photo that he never had until a few days ago. I just want to let u know that he didnt have any pain and everything was peaceful and quick as he wanted it. We fight together all this 3, almost 4 years against his cancer and in this time he was not just brave, he never, never complain about his illness, always looking the possitive side of everything. A lot of u who can get to know him and admire his work from the last 4 years until now (what he said it has been his best years ever), need to know that this work was made it with conviction and passion every time he has a day without chemo. He was a strong man who made everything what he wants: travel around the world painting , working on his tatoos , walk on the mountain and the street, and as he used to said: do stuffs .But  the most important for him was to take care of you: his friends. I know the pain that u are feeling and as i promess to him i am here for u. Thank u for ur support and i am sure this is the best way to say goodbye to one of the most happy, humble, talented and friendly person in the world. He never lost the battle, he was a figther but he took in his mind the peace to accept what was inevitable until the last moment, and made it leaving everything behind closed and done. Always love u my guillem. With love: ur carol. #trezeforever



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