Top Cat by ?, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018

1497. Dean Lane skate park (127)

It is interesting how much a wall can change in a short space of time. In the last month, this wall has changed at least four times. This incarnation was a practice run by Jee See, whose Instagram handle is Goshiku Chavu (G C…get it?) which means ‘thank you’ in Japanese…I think) for a piece that he created here a day or two later (and which I have missed I think).

Top Cat by ?, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018
Top Cat by ?, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018

In this piece he has painted probably the lagrest ‘Seismic’ I have seen from him. Now, I’m not too sure what the Top Cat thing is all about, but I love him to bits. I don’t think that Jee See created him, it just isn’t his style, and it isn’t clear which was here first.

Top Cat by ?, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018
Top Cat by ?, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018

I don’t even know who the TC is by, there is no signature and there are several artists in Bristol capable of creating cartoon characters of this quality. The whole thing is rather nice, a little bit weird and now utterly gone.


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7 thoughts on “1497. Dean Lane skate park (127)”

  1. I wasn’t going to comment – you must be sick of all mine – but then I saw Top Cat!! 😀
    I still remember watching him on TV with my brother as kids. Excellent theme song.
    Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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      1. Top Cat, Wacky Races, Tom and Jerry. 😀
        I don’t know what cartoons there are today, but they were fun when I was a kid; and my daughters loved Pokemon and My Little Pony. 😀


  2. Thankyou Scooj. “Goshiku Chavu” is Japanese for “Gothic Chav”. When I painted that wall in the Deaner I loved Top Cat so I left him there plus I thought it looked like my letters were all tumbling over, like Top Cat was stopping my letters from going anywhere. It’s the best Top Cat I ever seen! Nice 🙂

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