Slim Pickings, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2017

1594. Dean Lane skate park (143)

On my way home from my spray art lesson in the Upfest shop garden with Loch Ness, I made a quick diversion into Dean Lane because not to do so would be negligent. There were one or two new pieces, but best of all was bumping into Slim Pickings as he was finishing off a piece. The subject of this post is actually an old one of his from December last year which I thought I’d share, now that I am building an understanding of his work.

Slim Pickings, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2017
Slim Pickings, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2017

When Slim Pickings writes, and he has been spraying for 30 years, he sticks to the same motif with clean simple lines. The letters are TES (thank heavens I got there in the end – Slim Pickings put me through the ordeal of guessing the letters). He gave me plenty of tips about 3D work and told me that often, when he decorates the letters with patterns and the like it is often because he has some spray cans with a little bit of paint in them to finish off.

Because Slim Pickings works with the same letters, he knows exactly how much paint of each colour he will need. Kind of handy if you are travelling light. Besides being a really nice guy, I think his work makes complete sense to me and is always tidy and clean. Hats off to the man who until a couple of months ago was off my radar…d’oh.


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