Inkie and Cheba, Park Street, Bristol, July 2018

1622. Park Street

We used to eat at Jamie’s Italian on Park Street reasonably often as it was a restaurant that the whole family liked. Sadly his business overstretched itself and had to close a whole ton of branches, including this one in Bristol. On the upside though, the hoarding on the outside has been beautifully decorated with a Cheba and Inkie collaboration.

Inkie and Cheba, Park Street, Bristol, July 2018
Inkie and Cheba, Park Street, Bristol, July 2018

This piece speaks volumes about the independent and individual culture of Bristol – that street art is sanctioned and even encouraged onto one of the most iconic shopping streets in the city and that the piece itself is bright and cheery and a bold statement of pride about the street itself. The work was sponsored by the Bristol Buisness Improvement District (BID) and was painted at the start of July.

Looking at the artwork itself, it is quite difficult to see an Inkie piece and not read the word Inkie in it. I swear I read Inkie whenever I see it. Cheba dose what Cheba does and provides a splendid cosmic backdrop for the letters. A fine collaboration and ‘in your face’ (in a nice way) piece of Bristol street art.


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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

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    1. If he doesn’t get one, I’ll make sure I get some today. Bit tricky with the rain yesterday afternoon and today is going to be a write-off. I’m going away on Monday, so I may miss a lot of pieces that will be finished on Monday. Kind of annoying.

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