Mr Penfold, Nelson Street, Bristol, March 2019

2134. Nelson Street (11)

I have walked past this pioece by Mr Penfold a handful of times, but not until recently did I have my camera with me, which is a pity really because it has been rather spoiled with a tag. It is in a little alley just off Nelson Street and close to St John the Baptist church.

Mr Penfold, Nelson Street, Bristol, March 2019
Mr Penfold, Nelson Street, Bristol, March 2019

His work always contains these abstract designs in bright colours, often incorporating animal print patterning. The colours in this piece are typical of his work, which can often be seen brightening up shop fronts and public spaces. Something about his work reminds me very much of the 1980s, it might be the brashness of the placing together of contrasting patterns and colours. Always instantly recognisable, and usually upbeat work.

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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

7 thoughts on “2134. Nelson Street (11)”

  1. Planning to ‘do’ Bristol again on Easter Saturday – still got some of the larger Upfest pieces to get. ‘Did’ London last weekend – met Jane Mutiny doing a huge collab in Hanbury Strasse with Jim Vision and another female artist … grassland scene with bison, cheetahs giraffes & zebra etc. Tagging is a big problem in the Brick Lane area now one artist was painting there on Saturday – did 3 pieces and all three had been trashed by Sunday (thankfully I got all three on Saturday in anticipation of high moronic activity probabilities!). Sadly a lot of outstanding work is being trashed by morons. Not sure if it’s jealousy or just abject f**k-wittedness. Probably a combination of both.

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    1. I was in Brick Lane today and got a few nice pieces. Saw Tizer and a whole bunch of his mates, but I didn’t know it was him until I looked at my Instagram feed just now. Soooo many paste ups, just mad.

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