Panskaribas, The Bearpit, Bristol, June 2019

2282. The Bearpit (183)

In recent days, The Bearpit has been shut off and there is no access. Bristol City Council stealthily went in to evict a group of rough sleepers who had made themselves at home in a bus (formerly a cafe) and some container units. In forcing the eviction they have completely closed down the space. This was an not an inevitable conclusion to the problems caused by homelessness, addiction, antisocial behaviour in The Bearpit but  a terrible failure in ‘upstream’ thinking about how to tackle the issue.

As a result of this intervention, all the good things about this public space have been closed down, possibly permanently. In my view this has been really poorly managed by Bristol City Council, but I would concede that they are grossly underfunded and what we are witnessing is the result of years of austerity and public sector funding cuts, and this in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Disgraceful.

I say all of this because this lovely piece by Panskaribas is likely to be one of the last I will be posting from The Bearpit for some time.

Panskaribas, The Bearpit, Bristol, June 2019
Panskaribas, The Bearpit, Bristol, June 2019

Panskaribas is probably the easiest artist to identify in Bristol on account of his kind of cubist-doodle style and this is a wonderful example of his work. The other outstanding thing about this artist is his incredible energy, he seems to be the most prolific artist in Bristol currently. RIP The Bearpit.

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5 thoughts on “2282. The Bearpit (183)”

  1. I’ve recently written my own observations about the Bearpit, which are always going to be controversial.
    Following your observations about the area has also been a window into a world that I don’t live in, but try to understand

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