Sled One, L Dub, Bristol, July 2019

2329. L Dub (2)

It was this piece by Sled One that finally motivated me to get myself the the L Dub spot in Lawrence Weston, although I wouldn’t have made it withoug the guidance of Paul Harrison and DJPerks.

Sled One, L Dub, Bristol, July 2019
Sled One, L Dub, Bristol, July 2019

This piece alone was worth the trek and to me highlights the extraordinary motivations of street/graffiti artists. L Dub is not exactly a place you would paint if you wanted lots of people to see your work, but you can certainly get on with your creation without much risk of interruption.

The piece itself looks like it is a bit of a dig at the police and is a wild and surreal pig, whose face looks like it is made from a leather bag and is sporting a gun holster with a curious looking weapon. I don’t really know too much about what is going on here, but the quality of the artwork is undeniable.

I am guessing that the words ‘No Face – No Case’ refer to the fact that if your face isn’t seen then there is no evidence for a case against you (I’m not too sure how water-tight that is). Great piece from Sled One.

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    1. I discovered that through Google and watched a YouTube video. Another thing that marks me out as different from the street art scene is my utter lack of knowledge of hip hop.

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