Sepr, St George, Bristol, July 2019

2376. St George skate park (3)

I have known about this piece by Sepr for quite a long while, but simply wasn’t sure where it was, because St George skate park has only recently come onto my circuit of regular spots to visit. You can’t be everywhere, and with a full time job and two teenage kids I do miss an awful lot of artwork in spots I don’t know about, so I am pleased at last to have discovered this one.

Sepr, St George, Bristol, July 2019
Sepr, St George, Bristol, July 2019

You can tell this has been around for a while because it is a bit tagged and looking a little worn. One of the problems with skate park art is that anything on skating surfaces becomes degraded very quickly, so you either visit regularly or have to put up with pieces not in the best condition. I’m not certain how ‘appropriate’ this piece is for a park where a lot of very young children play, because it is ghoulishly macabre, but then again perhaps it is perfect. I always have been and always will be a huge fan of Sepr’s work.

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