RichT, M32 cycle path, Bristol, October 2019

2574. M32 Cycle path (39)

When I first started posting street art on Natural Adventures about five years ago I thought that it might be dominated with 45RPM and RichT pieces, because at that time I would come across them all over the city. I don’t know if, as my interest has increased their activity has waned, or whether there is some other explanation, but I just don’t get to see enough from these artists.

RichT, M32 cycle path, Bristol, October 2019
RichT, M32 cycle path, Bristol, October 2019

I was watching RichT as he was prepping the brown letters for this piece, but because I didn’t know him, I thought I’d let him just carry on without disturbing him. I think the letters say LUIS, but I can’t be certain, but the star of the piece is the schoolboy cartoon face, done in the great style of Beano, Dandy or Beezer comics – I just love it.

I regret not introducing myself to RichT and 45RPM while they were painting this wall together, but I’m sure there will be another time.

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