Rezwonk, Wilder Street, Bristol, November 2019

2617. Wilder Street (38)

Rezwonk has had a very busy year, and a particularly busy summer, so it is not really surprising that he has slowed down a little over the last couple of months. In general, the turnover of street/graffiti art slows a little during the winter months, which makes sense really.

Rezwonk, Wilder Street, Bristol, November 2019
Rezwonk, Wilder Street, Bristol, November 2019

This piece at the far west end of Wilder street is on a wall that has been curated by Where the Wall, but I am not so sure if it still is because a few ad hoc pieces seem to be appearing. This whole area though is rapidly being redeveloped, and several walls with some lovely pieces have been knocked down in recent weeks. Of course this is a pity for the street art community, but the buildings were falling into dereliction and perhaps no longer fit for purpose. My issue however is that instead of building affordable housing for the local community, which is far from affluent, all the developments are earmarked for student accommodation.

Back to the Rezer piece which is a thoroughly decent burner and which (I guess intentionally) has an effect of being slightly blurry (around the white accents) – or maybe this is an artefact of my failing eyesight. Always good to see work from Rezwonk.

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