Bnie, M32 cycle path, Bristol, January 2020

2698. M32 Cycle path (50)

Bnie is a reasonably regular visitor to Bristol who I think comes from Wales, possibly Swansea, I think that because she often paints with Smak, although not on this occasion. I do like it that graffiti/street artists make the trip to Bristol to paint because it all adds to the amazing diversity of work we see here. Bristol is one of a handful of cities that has the full spectrum of street art from tagging right through to high-end commissions. Some towns and cities don’t have the street art culture, but hold a festival to draw in great artists and of course the tourists. Places like Chichester for example, but it is all a little bit too sanitised for my taste. The art is invariably great, but the culture is missing.

Bnie, M32 cycle path, Bristol, January 2020
Bnie, M32 cycle path, Bristol, January 2020

Anyhow, this is a lovely piece by Bnie and deploys several of her trademarks, most notably the decorative patterning she uses in her fills and 3D work. There really is an awful lot to like about this modest piece tucked away on the M32 cycle path. I seem to have quite a few of her pieces in my archive, I’ll try and dig some out.

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8 thoughts on “2698. M32 Cycle path (50)”

  1. Went to Bristol today for the first since May last year! First time I’ve seen the Bear Pit sans graffiti. The Croft looked sad and what happened to Wilder & Upper York Strasse’s? All I got there was a Laic, a couple of rabbits and the Kid Crayon one you posted recently. Didn’t do M32 or St W. Got a few in Bedo and under the bridge but – nice though it was – the sun was in the wrong place for quite a few pieces. Who did the one with two heads next to Pelmo @ Tobacco Factory and who did the one next to ATM’s bee? Noticed something from the train very near Louis Masai’s Pangolin but was too quick to sus out what it was. Have you got that one?

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    1. Wow, yes, Bristol is being shaken up. The whole Upper York Street and Wilder street area is being developed for student accommodation. Best places at the moment are all the M32 spots and st Werburghs tunnel. I’ve not been to North street for a while.

      The piece next to the ATM is by Anna Higgie, unless there is a new one there. Not sure about the one. Next to Pelmo. There are a ton of new artists starting up at the moment, but not many decent spots to paint. The Bearpit breaks my heart.

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