Mudra, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020

3238. Brunel Way bridge (61)

It is always a pleasure meeting an artist for the first time and I was lucky enough to catch Mudra, just as he had finished this unusual and striking piece. This young artist has recently moved to Bristol from Bournemouth (I think that is what he said) and lives locally, hence choosing this spot. This is one of two recent pieces by Mudra and I will be posting the other one soon.

Mudra, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020
Mudra, Brunel Way, Bristol, October 2020

Most interestingly it seems that Mudra and Slakarts have been in contact with each other, and if they get together we could be in for some mouthwatering collaborations… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. This style of portrait falls into the Slakarts/Lobe arena which is really rather exciting.

I like the bold colours and solid fills, and I haven’t seen so much pink in a piece since Stupid Stupid Meathole was active a year or two ago. Particularly is the little icon, a bit like an @ with a hat. I am guessing that this is like a signature for the artist. It is always great to report on artists breaking through into the Bristol scene. Look out for more from Mudra.

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