Skronius, Purdown, Bristol, March 2021

3575. Purdown HAA Battery (24)

Consistent with the theme of so many posts on Natural Adventures this year, this piece is by yet another debut artist on this blog, and one I know practically nothing about.

Skronius, Purdown, Bristol, March 2021
Skronius, Purdown, Bristol, March 2021

Skronius would appear to be off the radar of most Bristol street art commentators and I wonder if the artist is new to the city or new to painting in the streets altogether. Skronius has an Instagram account, but only 3 posts and six followers (at the time of writing), so it is difficult to provide much background.

From the look of this piece, I would guess that Skronius is no stranger to the art world with some really nice shading and textures in this piece that help to lift the cat-like robot character. I’m not too sure what the relevance of the bees and honeycomb are, but they help to fill the white gaps around the central focus. There is a lot to like about this unusual piece which is technically nicely done and I look forward to seeing more from the artist over the coming months.

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