Mudra, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2021

4052. M32 Spot (123)

I simply don’t get round to posting as much of the work I see as I would like to, and this is one of several recent Mudra pieces I have photographed and actually managed to write up. This one is notable for its location, because I haven’t seen many Mudra paintings on the north side of Bristol, apart from under the M32, alongside the river Frome.

Mudra, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2021
Mudra, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2021

Mudra has a style and tone that is quite easily identified, but it is his @ signature that confirms the artist. Mudra likes to use these soft blues reds and pinks in his work and he uses a lot of soft curves too. This piece is some kind of alien or monster, not unlike something that Nugmoose might create. A nice column piece.

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