Desi, River Avon, Bristol, November 2021

4068. River Avon (23)

It is not too long ago that I first met Desi while she was painting a wall alongside the M32, and what a pleasure that was. During the course of our conversation she told me that she had been spraying walls for about a year, and I have to say that she seems to be progressing really well.

Desi, River Avon, Bristol, November 2021
Desi, River Avon, Bristol, November 2021

Desi’s letters tend to be uniform and stick to a basic design which incorporates a heart on top of the ‘i’. Such a decoration is almost exclusive to female artists, and seems to be a legacy of handwriting. I haven’t yet met a man who uses hearts or open circles instead of a dot over the ‘i’.

It would seem that Desi is working on the technical aspects of her fills, and she is doing well with this, adding variety and texture which seems to improve with each new piece. Desi is up-and-coming on the graffiti writing scene and I am looking forward to watching her progress. A lovely piece alongside the River Avon.

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