Logoe, New Stadium Road, Bristl, October 2021

4104. New Stadium Road (36)

I met Logoe for the first time a couple of weeks ago at this spot while he was painting a collaboration with Silent Hobo, one of his old mates. Their collaboration, I don’t think even lasted a day, and I only have one WIP photograph of it, such is the ephemeral nature of street art in popular spots. Logoe comes across as a lovely bloke and was more than happy to talk about his work and his trips to Bristol.

Logoe, New Stadium Road, Bristl, October 2021
Logoe, New Stadium Road, Bristl, October 2021

Unlike his collaboration piece, this one has lasted well and I believe is still there, or at least it was last time I visited this spot. The delicate colours work really well on this script LOGOE entering. With many of his pieces Logoe likes to add a little quote or phrase and here he gives us:

“They say (she) dodged a bullet… but it put her in the ground”

This sounds like a lyric, but I am not too sure what from. Anyhow, it works well with this lovely piece. Logoe also told me that he had missed out a word. I am guessing it was the word ‘she’ that I inserted in brackets.

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