Werm, River Avon, Bristol, March 2022

4329. River Avon (28)

I am assuming that the colour selection used in this piece by Werm on the footpath/cycle path alongside the River Avon is in honour and support of Ukraine in its struggles against the Russian dictator Putin. This is one half of a collaborative wall with 3F fino, which I will post in due course.

Werm, River Avon, Bristol, March 2022
Werm, River Avon, Bristol, March 2022

Since favouring these block letters, several months ago, Werm has been churning them out with regularity and I have struggled to post them all – perhaps I need to a) retire and spend more time doing this or b) post several at a time (something I might do more often with all artists) or 3) get over it and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ as my son might say.

The improvement I have seen since I first met Werm, then painting as Eman, has been speedy and dramatic. He is a quick learner and practices over and over again, which obviously pays off.

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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my profile...to this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

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