19.Turning Japanese

Wednesday 4 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

It is almost the end of Wednesday. Yesterday was quite a busy day…by yesterday I mean last night. Although there were very few squid, I managed to do two samples. I also helped remove the viscera from the bodies for my second sample. These squid will be used as presents for the crew’s families.


I cannot eat my breakfast yet because all the crew members are asleep in the ship’s mess/saloon. I must wait until the ship stops, although I have no idea when that will be.

Thursday 5 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

It is just as well that I drew those pictures, because I wrote practically nothing yesterday. Instead I read and wrote letters. This evening I have hurt my back again, just a little twinge this time, but a warning

We have sailed west to the edge of the zone. I would not like to leave it. I think the Argies have some fishing patrol boats of their own, and I would not like to be boarded by an Argentinian fisheries officer.

I am now looking forward to a bit of time in Port Stanley, I have been out at sea this time for three weeks now! I would quite like a bit of fun time on a patrol vessel – I would like to use the gymnasium.


Slept very badly once again. I may have to resort to a couple of stugeron fairly soon. Watched Deathwish – a good film despite having seen it twice before and it being in Japanese! Another week is over. Three gone, how many left to go?

I want Stanley (nowlookatthemessyou’vegottenmeinto) soon. I cannot eat much more of this rich food without having a heart attack.

Friday 6 May 1988, Koei Maru 30

Not a bad day. The best part was hearing from John on the radio that I would be picked up by a fishing patrol boat on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Obviously a lot depends on the weather, but I live in hope. Otherwise I could be stuck on here until about 20 May – this would be terrible.

I may have made another real blunder on the radio, when complaining to John that the conversion factor is way out. He seemed to brush it aside casually and changed the subject pronto. oops!

I had three beers (and 3three cigs – God they’re bad for you) and watched TV and slept, and slept, and slept.

Curious dreams:

  • Busking competition in a library, some trendy geezer borrowed my guitar and played it from the neck, letting it dangle…


  • Jim and I are going to a pub in Highgate full of weirdos and under-age drinkers – I try to order a bottle of cider for Jim and two pints of bitter for me. It takes an hour for me to get served, during which time Tippy (my step brother) appears with a rucksack on his back. Jim has disappeared when I get served, somebody nicks my bottle of cider and I get furious and rude, but end up with a beer tipped all over me in the struggle.
  • Working in a bank with a whole bunch of moaning graduates. Mealtime is ¬£10 a head to eat at the bank, with yellow lobster, cucumbers, lettuce, salami, but nothing to drink, so we all trundle off down the road…it becomes Covent Garden…to a small shop to get some orange drink from a kind of pump, which I can’t operate. Too bad, I only get half an orange drink. I return to the bank, the front of which has turned into a pub, but the bank is inside, to find that most people have now finished their lunches. I contemplate this and decide that sandwiches are the best way out of this terrible situation.


Barry Gray and your

ondes martenot; music so



by Scooj


  • Barry Gray was the genius behind all the music in the Gerry Anderson productions: Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett, Joe 90, UFO and Space 1999 amongst others. Incredible ’60s and ’70s music, big band, first synthesisers…just incredible. I went to a concert celebrating his music in Bristol this week. Unbelievable music for children’s programmes.

77. Bolton Road (1)

A recent political mural just off the Gloucester Road (which eventually becomes Cheltenham Road and the Stokes Croft area) caught my eye a couple of weeks ago.

3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015
3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015

This collaboration by Feek (the main character) and 3Dom (the octopus and ‘citizens’) looks to be a poke at the right wing politics of the Tories and UKIP (whose party colours are purple and yellow).

3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015
3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015

Feek is a local Bristol artist who links up with quite a few of the artists, like Sepr, 3Dom and Soker,  amongst others. Annoyingly I am struggling to find out much more about him.

3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015
3Dom and Feek, Bolton Road, Bristol, November 2015

Bolton Road is more of a narrow alley way, and this mural is rather difficult to photograph.



Aztec Camera


I always wanted

a buckskin jacket, like the

one Roddy Frame wore.


by Scooj


  • I saw a man wearing a buckskin jacket on my way to work this morning. It was perfect, and it reminded me of my lifelong desire to own one. Now I am 50-something I feel like I have earned the right to treat myself to one, and guess what…I’m going to do it.