1790. Upfest 2018 (66)

Often humorous and always tinged with a bit of edge, John D’oh’s stencils can be found on walls all around Bristol (and Cheltenham) and of course at Upfest. This year’s ‘official’ piece was a double-header, the first part of which was a witty corruption of the Infinite Monkey Theory.

John D'oh, Upfest, Bristol, July 2018
John D’oh, Upfest, Bristol, July 2018

The second board is another pithy pop at Brexit, featuring Noel Edmond’s Deal or no Deal as its headline. I absolutely love these topical political stencils, and look forward to his injects about the place.

Street art and Graffiti, John D'oh, Bristol, October 2018
Street art and Graffiti, John D’oh, Bristol, October 2018

Coincidentally, his new book arrived yesterday and I can’t recommend highly it enough, it is one of the best graffiti/street art books that I have read in a while, intelligently written and full of photographs and commentary on his own work. Brilliant.